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We offer 4 kinds of membership.

  1. Regular

    • Regular memberships are restricted to people who have taken wood turning classes offered by the Santa Clara Adult Education. The subscription is $60 / year.

  2. Family

    • These are regular members who want to add a significant other or a family member to the membership. If the family member has taken wood turning classes through SCAE they will have the same rights as the regular member. If they have not taken classes, then they can attend our general body meetings, but are not allowed to participate in turn-n-learn sessions or operate any of the equipment. The subscription is $80 / year.

  3. Junior

    • The students of Santa Clara High School who are less than 18, fall under this category. Membership for students is handled at school in the Construction classes.

  4. Honorary

    • These are members who are well wishers of the organization. This membership is determined on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors.

Note: Everyone who takes membership at the Bruin Country Woodturners Inc. is required to sign a Bruin Country Woodturners Waiver and Release Agreement form before using the school facilities. By entering your phone number below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the organization.

Mobile phone number:


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